Marc Billz is sure to become one of the heavy hitters in the hip hop game today. His music engages listeners with various styles, flows, and attention demanding delivery. Marc Billz paints vivid pictures of hustle, happiness, hardship, and the hunt for more out of life in New York City. 

Living in the underprivileged sections of East Flat-bush with no role models is tough. Marc Billz began to compose his own raps at the age of seven, as a way to express himself. He found hip hop when he was just a baby through his two older sisters who always had the radio on and would watch shows like Video Music Box. In his teen years he was taught to record by a friend, BK Onasis aka Dino, who recognized the talent and did not want it to go to waste. They would record at BKs in-home studio for hours on hours.

Gearing up to make his first official mixtape release "Who Is Marc Billz?", Billz has been faithfully sticking to his vow of "No Sleep Til A Million". Tirelessly grinding, recording, creating, and executing plans aimed at dominating the game as we know it. Marc Billz is definitely force to be recognized and respected in music. Stay tuned and rest assured that you will be blown away.

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